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3. Code of Conduct for Parents

What is this?
• This is the Code of Conduct (part of the Code of Ethics for Hockey for Young People) which is to be signed by parents of all members in the club youth section.

Why is it important?
• Codes of Conduct assist clubs is establishing themselves as child centred and child friendly
• Parents play a very important role in the club and your club will want to enlist them as supporters of your club
• The Code of Conduct sets out the expectations that your club has for the parents involved. If you later feel that a parent is breaking the code, you then have an agreement that you can refer back to.

Code of Conduct for Parents
Parent(s) will:
▪ Respect the rules and procedures set down in Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club
▪ Respect my child’s teammates and leaders as well as players, parents and coaches from opposing teams. Parents will encourage their child to treat other participants, coaches, children’s officers, officials, selectors and managers with respect.
▪ Give encouragement and applaud only positive accomplishments whether from my child, his/her teammates, their opponents or the officials.
▪ Respect my child’s leader(s) and support his/her efforts
▪ Respect the officials and their authority during sessions and events within the club and under the auspices of Hockey Ireland
▪ Never demonstrate threatening or abusive behaviour or use foul language

I agree to abide by the rules and procedures of Three Rock
Rovers Hockey Club and in particular the Guidelines and
Code of Conduct for Parents.
Name (in print):____________________________
Date: -- / -- / ----

You can find the above document available as a downloadable PDF at the bottom of this page.


Code of Conduct for Parents 2018/2019